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As our way of saying Thank You, we are
pleased to provide these two free gifts

MP3 format 47 minutes
Introduction by Dr. R. G. Witty with lecture by Dr. Herbert Lockyer

PDF format 116 pages
by Dr. Robert G. Witty, A classic in its own time.

In a time when Biblical inerrancy is under attack, these archives are an echo of truth from the past to a generation in need of strong voices proclaiming the trustworthiness of the Word of God.  If you are seeking to further your ministry education through an institution that remains committed to the historic doctrine of full Biblical inspiration, then Master's is deserving of your consideration.

Dr. Robert G. Witty (1906 - 2007), is known as "the Father of Theological Distance Education" in America.  His contribution to Christian ministry spanned nearly 87 of his 100 years.  Remembered as the founder of Luther Rice Seminary, and author of many books, Dr. Witty pioneered a ministry education format that is today widely accepted.  Of this accomplishment, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of Southern Seminary, as written of Dr. Witty that he was "a man ahead of his time.... His vision of taking educational programs to the people set the pattern for the radical expansion of educational opportunity in the United States. Long before the secular world had caught sight of this vision, Dr. Witty was already doing it." Baptist Press June 21, 2007.

Dr. Witty was a founding faculty member of Master's.  Among his many contributions to Master's, Dr. Witty presented as a gift to MISD, his personal copy of an historic lecture on the history of the Bible prepared specifically for him by one of the 20th Century's great Bible scholars, Dr. Herbert Lockyer.  These two great men of God enjoyed a long friendship, and together impacted Christian ministry not only in their own generation, but for future generations until the return of Christ.

Dr. Herbert Lockyer (1886 -1984), held pastorates in Scotland and England before coming the the United States in 1935. In 1955 he returned to his native England where he served the cause of Christ until again moving to the United States where he continued to pursue his great gift of writing and preaching until his death in 1984.  Dr. Lockyer was the author of over 100 books, a great many of which remain highly popular among pastors and lay Bible scholars of all ages.

His historic lecture made available here online for the first time, was prepared for Dr. Witty in 1979 in Dr. Lockyer's 93rd year.  He died five years later at the age of 98.  It is interesting to note that both of these great men of God continued to be actively involved in the exercise of their considerable powers of learning to the very end of long and productive ministries.

Master's is honored to be able to make this historic audio archive available without charge.  However it is copyrighted (by MISD), and we kindly ask that it not be reproduced for distribution.  The online audio link may be shared freely, but under no circumstances may a charge of any kind be made for its dissemination.  Thank you.

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