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No other ministry degree title is as widely recognized as the Doctor of Divinity (D.D.).  Because of the honor and respect associated with this venerable title, long ago it became the choice of American Divinity Schools, Seminaries, Universities, and religious groups when conferring honorary degrees.  As a consequence, in the United States, the academic D.D. became neglected, and almost unknown as an alternative earned title for senior clergy.  However, not all Doctor of Divinity Degrees are equal.

THE D.D. AT MASTER'S IS DIFFERENT - similar to its British counterpart, the D.D. program at Master's returns this prestigious degree to an appropriate place among ecclesiastical doctorates, and at the same time, recognizes and preserves the historical and ecclesiastical precedents that are accepted by the Church-at-large.  The result is a unique Doctor of Divinity degree that is earned through documented accomplishment, directed research, and writing.

While this ecclesiastical degree is not intended to compete with a standard ministerial doctorate such as the Doctor of Ministry, the Doctor of Theology or the Doctor of Biblical Studies, the unique manner in which the  Doctor of Divinity at MISD is awarded, sets it apart from the honorary D.D., and as a consequence, greatly adds to the dignity and meaning of the world's oldest and most easily recognized Christian ministry degree title.


A great many individuals enter ministry as the pastor of a relatively small church.  Usually, this is immediately following graduation from Bible College, Divinity School, Seminary, or in connection with entry into a denominational training program.  Once licensed or ordained and established in the role of pastor, the opportunity to continue with additional formal education is either greatly limited or simply impractical. Years pass, and the once young pastor of a small church matures into the senior pastor of a strong congregation.  Along the way, these dedicated servants of the Lord attain tremendous knowledge of the Word of God, while becoming respected church leaders and trusted spiritual advisors.

Many senior clergy were never privileged to go on to earn an advanced degree.  However, there comes a time when they recognize an honorable desire to attain legitimate formal recognition for important achievements, while at the same time, wanting to truly earn such recognition.  These mature servants of the Lord have spurned cheap degree programs, but have also decided against enrolling in an advanced degree program knowing that the demands of their ministry make such a venture unreasonable.  Furthermore, senior churchmen have usually mastered a great many of the subjects required in Bible College or Seminary training. Though not intended as an alternative to an academic degree, the Doctor of Divinity program may be an ideal opportunity to acquire a capstone credential for a lifetime of learning, and teaching others.


The applicant must meet the following minimum requirements.

  • Be not less than forty-five (45) years of age.

  • Have served in an approved Christian ministry role for not less than twenty (20) years.

  • Currently hold licensure or ordination from a recognized denomination or an acceptable ecclesiastical body.

  • Have earned an appropriate bachelorís degree (ecclesiastical equivalent) from an acceptable institution.

  • Be able to provide official and verifiable documentation of all of the above.


Using the standard directed study option, the Doctor of Divinity student is provided with a private web-based program page.  The program web page provides complete instructions.  Four component study guides are then used to direct the doctoral student step-by-step beginning with the initial project right through to graduation.

The four program components document an essential area of knowledge.  Each Component is designed to be completed in about three to four months.  This schedule allows busy senior clergy to move through the program at a reasonable pace that does not interfere with the normal duties of the ministry.  However, in order to allow adequate time for unforeseen events, individuals accepted into the program will be granted up to five years to complete all four Components.


The seminar-based option allows the flexibility of electing to replace the standard directed study guide with the student's choice of  either an intensive on-site seminar held at the Divinity School, or a similar event hosted on the Internet.  Both the on-site and online alternative options are scheduled to allow the student to complete the entire program in one calendar year.  ALSO - the student may elect to mix the seminar and directed study options.  For example, the student may elect to complete Component #2 through the standard directed study guide option, next complete Component #3 in an on-site seminar, and then finish Component #4 through a seminar event held live through the Internet, or any other combination.  These mix-and-match options offer the greatest possible program flexibility.  Only Component #1 must be completed though the standard directed study guide method since Component #1 is a documentation project only.

Refer to the seminar schedule for the dates and times scheduled for Components #2 - #4.


  • Standard program tuition is $4,800 ($160 x 30 units).

  • Tuition may be paid by interest-free monthly installments of $80.

  • The reasonably priced cost for the seminar option is in addition to the regular program tuition.

-30 Units Total-

(Required but No Units)
Completed Only by
directed study guide.

(Ten Units)
May be completed by directed study guide or either of the two alternative seminar options.

(Ten Units)
May be completed by directed study guide or either of the two alternative seminar options.

(Ten Units)
May be completed by directed study guide or either of the two alternative seminar options.

Orientation OR-DO

Ministry Contribution

The following will be sent as a single submission (official documents must be verifiable).

1.  Copy of ordination or license.
2.  A three to four-page description of your conversion experience, and subsequent call to ministry.
3.  Three letters from peers attesting to Christian service and character.
4.  Three letters from current or former church members who have known you a minimum of 7 years.
5.  A complete history of your personal ministry highlights.
6.  A three to five-page description of your future ministry plans and goals.
7. Official transcripts of college credits, denominational training credits, and other documentation as may be required.

Students may not proceed with Component # 2 until after this information is received, reviewed by the academic committee, and granted a pass.

O.T. Competency

This Component will provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate a personal comprehension of the Old Testament as a continuum from the creation of the current heavens and earth through the return of the Exiles to the land of Israel.

The student will have an opportunity to demonstrate a mastery of the Old Testament in such a way as to confirm that the student actually possesses a connected generic and whole comprehension of the content of the Old Testament Scriptures.

To accomplish this Component, the student will be guided through a series of writing, detailing, and outlining assignments that after having been graded and returned to the student, can actually serve as an advanced guide for teaching the Old Testament in a variety of circumstances.

N.T. Competency

This Component will provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate a personal comprehension of the New Testament as a continuum from the coming of Messiah through the return of Christ and the creation of the new heaven and earth.

The student will have an opportunity to demonstrate a mastery of the New Testament in such a way as to confirm that the student actually possesses a connected generic and whole comprehension of the content of the New Testament Scriptures.

To accomplish this Component, the student will be guided through a series of writing, detailing, and outlining assignments that after having been graded and returned to the student, can actually serve as an advanced guide for teaching the New Testament in a variety of circumstances.

Theology Competency

This Component will provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate a personal comprehension and mastery of the particular theological position of his denomination or persuasion.

That is, the student will be able to compare and contrast his own theological position on the major themes of Systematic Theology with that of groups holding differing positions.

To accomplish this Component, the student will be guided through a series of writing, detailing, and outlining assignments that will draw comparisons between the major divisions of Christian Theology (e.g. Calvinist, Wesleyan, Reformed, Pentecostal), with an emphasis on defending the student's particular persuasion.

After having been graded and returned to the student, this Component can actually serve as an advanced guide for teaching Theology in a variety of circumstances.

Upon the successful completion of the four Components, the student will be awarded the Doctor of Divinity awarded on the basis of actual accomplishment, directed research and writing!

If you believe that this unique Doctor of Divinity program may be right for you, we encourage you to call today to speak personally with an Admissions Counselor.  Please telephone 1-800-933-1445 (U.S.A. & Canada Only).  Standard calling use: 1-812-471-0611.  Or, if you prefer, you may request a personal evaluation online by clicking HERE.

These highly accomplished individuals, represent the best of senior-level ministry.  If you qualify, you can join them!

If you qualify, you can join them!

Paul Olson, D.D.,
Pastor, Assembly of God; B.Th., International Seminary; Cert., Arizona State University.

If you qualify, you can join them!

Vhulahani Madzinge, D.D.,
Pastor, Christian Worker Center; Dip. Pan African College, M.A., Master's  Divinity School.

If you qualify, you can join them!

Gregory Denysschen, D.D.,
Director and Founder of the Jivannadi Mission; B.A. & B.Th., University of Pretoria, S.A.


From day-one in my exposure to Master's I have found that each partner in the school is focused upon one thing:  equipping individuals to fulfill the church's purpose!  A quality education coupled with quality staff, along with quality curriculum - all at a bargain price - adds up to the overall attraction of the school. 

Add to the above the personal touch that each professor brings to the classroom (with everyone being called by their name and not a number, and you have a recipe for success!  And, I'm not merely talking about success of overall institutional concerns, but academic and inspirational success in the lives of students.  Master's International School of Divinity stands upon the Rock - Jesus Christ - with an undeniable penchant toward Biblical Orthodoxy! 

Barry Thornton. D.D.; B.S., Cincinnati Bible College; M.A., Cincinnati Seminary


It has been a rare pleasure to have begun and completed this very deep study of all aspects of divinity.  While my decision to push ahead and complete the study in a very short period of time surely made it harder than it had to be, I am nonetheless pleased with my work, and what I learned through it.  Moreover, I believe I demonstrated to my peers what can be done with an extra measure of determination.  Through it all, I made every effort to do quality work, and leave no aspect of the study circumvented or discounted, lest my study provide less than its ultimate impact on me.  I am proud of the accomplishment and of my work.

My grandfather, Dr. Meredith Samuel, was a true American hero.  He was an Army Brigadier General, and once Surgeon General of the U.S. in World War One.  He was the grandson of Major General Solomon Meredith, who fought the first skirmish of the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War.  At an even higher level, as a Christian I honor my kinship with my Savior Jesus Christ. I am more than His namesake, I am His ambassador!

I purposely embarked on this voyage for higher learning because I believed, even at age 68, that God had a new and robust role for me to play in His world for the next few decades.  I followed in the thoughts of W. Oscar Thompson, the former Professor of Evangelism at Southwestern Seminary, who learned he had inoperable cancer just as he was finishing his classic book, Concentric Circles of Concern.  Once diagnosed, Dr. Thompson said he went to his quiet place and prayed, "Lord if I'm coming home that's ok.  But if I have even a few days left here, I want them to count."  I too want mine to count!

Meredith Samuel "Buddy" Merrick, D.D., Lt. Col., U.S.A. Retired; B.S., Wayland Baptist University


Without compromise of academic rigor, theological integrity, or high standards of excellence, for me, the seminars that I have attended at Master's International School of Divinity offered a true biblical education for my mind, a re-washing  of my heart, and a new excitement in my spirit.  Unlike other doctoral  level courses that I have taken, the unique aspect of the MISD seminars is that they ignited a thirst and yearning in me not only for knowledge, but more importantly I found myself re-evaluating my Christian walk and rededicating myself to the work of the Lord.

I genuinely felt that each seminar was based on a foundation of love, mutual respect, patience, and a deep sense of caring that exuded in everything that was said and done.  I left each seminar feeling uplifted and validated rather than beaten and spent as many other academic pursuits have left me feeling. I can truly say that I am a better Christian and infinitely more knowledgeable in the Word of God attributable to the MISD seminars.

I hold in esteem the ability of each instructor to teach the subject matter as they exampled it and the positive vigorous exchange and sharing with my fellow students. "Two thumbs up for the Master's International School of Divinity: Doctor of Divinity seminars. BRAVO!"

Iris Banister, D.D.; B.S., Jarvis Christian College; M.S., Genesco State University

Maj. Michael Pope, U.S. Army Chaplain

Chaplain Pope is a worthy example of dedication to God and country.  The D.D. program was an ideal option for this pastor warrior.

Without the slightest hesitation and indeed with fulsome praise and admiration for the excellent program of D.D. program at Masters, I gladly submit this testimonial hoping to encourage others to take the plunge and join this marvelous program.
My experience of the DD program from the very start has been one of pure joy and unalloyed satisfaction. From the moment I submitted my initial evaluation, and was contacted by MISD, until I completed my program, I was impressed with the courtesy, skill and helpfulness of all the professionals with whom I've had contact.
Normally in distance learning there is the problem of remoteness, and one can feel a little detached from the hurly burly of academic life.  However, I suffered no such feelings, for the D.D. program was so full and rich in material and so compelling in its variety and depth, that for me the time spent flew by rather quickly.
I wholeheartedly recommend this D.D. program to all those busy persons out there in Christian ministry who want to deepen their understanding of the Bible, and go the extra mile to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge to more effectively serve Jesus Christ in this present generation.
Henderson Ward, D.D.; B.A., Open University


I greatly appreciated the opportunity to take the Doctor of Divinity degree program with Masterís. Foundational truths are so often under attack and it is important for men in the ministry to be kept aware of developments and trends in theology so that they can answer the heretics and give guidance to the flock of God. Satan is a devious and clever enemy who is always seeking to distort the truth. We need to be alert to the dangers of compromise and to the subtle attacks on the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

This is one reason why a course with an evangelical institution is so valuable. In my own work in the pastorate it has been valuable to be reminded again of the vital truths of gospel grace. With my increasing commitments overseas as well, regularly lecturing to students at a Bible training centre in South India and also to seminary students in Manila, Philippines it has been valuable to have completed the Doctor of Divinity degree. This means that the lectures that I give can be counted towards their own degree qualifications. This gives academic rigour as well as pastoral sensitivity to the material that they receive.

The course at Masterís was an important component of equipping me in my own pastoral ministry and in lecturing to the seminary students. I count it a priceless opportunity and privilege under God to continue to teach the timeless truths of Holy Scripture.

Ian M. Densham, D.D.; B.A., (Hons) Trinity Theological Seminary; M.A., Trinity Theological Seminary (University of Liverpool)


Thirty-one years after I entered seminary, I entered the DD program at Master's. Having served around the Commonwealth as well as in the States, I was pleased with the balancing they'd done between this traditional British highest degree and the usual American honorary version (by restricting enrollment to veteran pastors).

 While it was much less rigorous than my Ph.D. or D.Min., it made the ideal choice to meet my denomination's continuing education requirements. I have used my Introductions to Biblical Books in Serampore's Bible Survey courses in India, as well as delivering some of the sermons I wrote for this degree in pulpits & Homiletics classes in Fiji. The theological and apologetical components took me well beyond my Credo/thesis at SMU, challenging me to reach new levels of integration between my practical Ecumenical & Inter-Faith experience and its formal presentation. I have also gathered my work for this degree into a 290-page book to which I repeatedly refer.

I would recommend this program to my fellow experienced pastors-and-teachers in theological colleges.

David Upp, D.D.; B.A., Rice University; M.Th., Southern Methodist University; D.Min., Southern Methodist University






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