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Dennis D. Frey, President, A.B.S., Nazarene Bible College; M.Min., M.Div., Trinity Theological Seminary; M.B.A., California Coast University; D.Min., Th.D., Trinity Theological Seminary; D.B.A., California Coast University.  
Gary K. Fair, Vice President, University of Evansville, Accounting; Vincennes University, Secondary Education; Johnson Bible College, B.S. Preaching; M.Min., D.P.Th., Master's International School of Divinity.
Ronald L. Throgmorton, Chief Financial Officer, B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, University of Missouri at Rolla B.S., Accounting, Indiana University. Ronald E. Frazier, Professor, D.D. Program Director, A.A., Johnson Bible College; B.A., Louisville Bible College; M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; M.A., Summit Theological Seminary; M.Min., D.B.S., Master's International School of Divinity; Th.D., St. Paul Christian University.
Becky Day, Executive Director of Student Services, Tri-State Cosmetology Institute, Insurance and Executive Training, Fred Pyor Training Institute, Ivy Tech. Community College. Deena Wolfe, Life-Issues Program Director, A.A., Biblical Studies, Moody Bible Institute; B.A., Trinity International University (Deerfield, IL); M.Min., Master's International School of Divinity; M.A., Northwest Christian University.
Raymond L. Parker, Academic Dean, Registrar, B.A., Bryan College; M.R.E., Temple Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Min., Trinity Theological Seminary; Ed.D., Luther Rice Seminary; Ph.D., Union University.  Arthur "Skip" J. Moen, Professor , B.A., University of Washington; B.A., Seattle Pacific College; M.A., University of  Washington; M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL); D.Phil., Oxford, University, Oxford, England .
David M. Tyler, Professor, Dean, Department of Biblical Counseling, Mckendree College; Midwest Baptist College; Th.B., Trinity College of the Bible (Newburgh, IN); M.Min., Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary. Lynn D. Frazier, Grading Faculty, B.S., Eastern Kentucky University; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Au.D., Pennsylvania School of Optometry & Audiology; D.P.Th., Master's International School of Divinity.


Diana Zengler, Director, Master's Biblical Counseling Center; Executive Coordinator AABC Certification Program, B.A., Sociology & Social Work, University of Evansville; M.S., Counseling, Univ. of Evansville; D.B.S., Master's Intl. School of Divinity. Dr. ObozuaYaya Obozua, Adjunct Professor, Institutional Liaison for the U.K.,  Diploma in Training Management from Thames Valley University, London;  M.Sc. in Management Training, University of Leicester;  M.Sc. in Ministerial and Theological Research, King's College London;  D.P.Th., Master's International School of Divinity.
Cheryl A. Durham, Professor & Student Support Officer, B.Min, Master's International School of Divinity; M.Min., Master's International School of Divinity; D.B.S., Master's International; Ph.D., Master's Theological Research Institute. Misty Jesse, Dean, Dept. of Judeo-Christian Studies, World Circle of Prayer Team Leader, B.A., Political Science, University of California, L.A.; M.A., Library Science,  University of Missouri;  M.A.; D.B.S. in Theology; D.Min., Biblical Leadership, Master's Intl. School of Divinity;  Ph.D., Religion and Society, Oxford Graduate School.
David Luttrell, Director of Admissions, Diploma, Trinity College of the Bible; A.A., Master's International School of Divinity; B.A., Liberal Studies, University of Evansville; M.Sc.,Public Administration, University of Evansville.  Bill Hines, Professor, Dean Emeritus, Department of Biblical Counseling,  B.A., University of Texas-Arlington; M.A.R., Liberty University; M.A., Liberty University; D.Min., Trinity Theological Seminary.
Kurt Grady, Professor, B.S. and Pharm.D. from St. Louis College of Pharmacy; D.B.S. Master's Graduate School of Divinity. Gary Crossland, Professor of New Testament Greek, B.A., Concordia College; Th.M. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary; Th.D., Master's International School of Divinity. 
Audrey Werner, Adjunct Professor, R.N., Mercy School of Nursing, Detroit, MI; B.S.N., Sigma Theta Tau, University of Michigan; M.A., Master's International School of Divinity; Professional education in STDs, and HIV counseling from the Centers for Disease Control, and the State of Michigan Health Department. Anthony E. Balsamo, Adjunct Professor,  Director of the Integrity Christian Fellowship (Yaphank, NY)  Academic Learning Partnership, A.A. Trinity College of the Bible, B.A., Trinity College of the Bible; M.Min., M.A., D. P. Th., Master's International School of Divinity. 
Howard A. Eyrich, Adjunct Professor, B. A., Bob Jones University; B. D., Faith Theological Seminary; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; D. Min., Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. William J. Federer, Adjunct Professor, B.S., Saint Louis University.
Carol W. Stubbs, Adjunct Professor,  University of Houston; B.B.S., M.A.C.S., D.B.S., D.Min., Master's International School of Divinity.   James B. Solberg, Adjunct Professor, B.S., St. Olaf College; Graduate studies Luther Seminary; M.Div., D.D., Master's International School of Divinity. 
Trudy M. Johnson, Adjunct Professor, Certificate in Chaplaincy, Master's Divinity School; B.A., Biblical Counseling, Trinity College of the Bible (Newburgh, IN); M.A., Biblical Counseling, Trinity Theological Seminary.    Paul Madtes, Jr., Adjunct Professor, B. A., Eastern Nazarene College; M.S., Ph.D., Texas A& M University; Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary.
Bradley Mattes, Adjunct Professor, M.B.S., Master's International School of Divinity.  Director of the Life Issues Institute, veteran leader in the pro-life movement, and nationally recognized authority in the area of post-abortion counseling for men. Thelma Wells, Adjunct Professor, B.S. in Education from North Texas State University, minors in Business Administration and English, M.Min, in Pastoral Ministry, Master's International School of Divinity; D.D., Saint Thomas Christian College and Theological Seminary.
Alvin A. Low, Adjunct Professor, B.B.A, Singapore; M.Th., Dallas Theological Seminary; Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary. Steve Gallagher, Adjunct Professor, A.A., Social Sciences, Sacramento City College; B.Min.A., Capital Bible Institute; M.Min., Master's International School of Divinity.
Harley Ihm, Adjunct Professor, Dean  of the MTI program, B.B.L, Ozark Christian College; M.A. Johnson University; D.B.S., Master's International School of Divinity. Jeff Colon, Adjunct Professor, A.A., Suburban Technical College; B.Min., M.Min., Master's International School of Divinity. 
Chloe Cummings, Adjunct Professor, B.A., Concordia College, River Forest, IL; M.A., University of Maryland; D.B.S., Master's International School of Divinity.
Charles Page, Adjunct Professor, University of Tennessee;  B.A., Lambuth University; M.Div., Emory University; Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary.
Thomas S. Baurain, Visiting Professor, B.A,, Lawrence University; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; D.Min., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; graduate study in Higher Education toward the Ph.D.  

A Special Note About Our Adjunct Faculty:  One of the most powerful benefits of our program is that we are able to bring to the student the teaching and academic oversight of highly accomplished practitioners and scholars in various fields of study.  Most of the individuals below do not actually serve full-time with MISD.  They serve as administrators, faculty, ministers, practitioners, authors, writers, and in other areas of service and leadership either in private ministry or with other institutions.  Their contribution to MISD is an important part of their commitment to Christian ministry.  Yet, because they are also involved in the larger field of Christian service, the student who studies under their direction receives the added benefit of learning from a highly accomplished and multi-dimensional leader.  This wonderful benefit would not be possible in a traditional system of higher education.


Governing Board


Dr. Dennis D. Frey, President
Newburgh, Indiana
President, Master's International School of Divinity

Dr. David M. Tyler, Vice President
Granite City, Illinois
Director, Gateway Biblical Counseling
and Training Center

Mr. Ronald Throgmorton, Secretary
Newburgh, Indiana
Director, Student Financial Services
Master's International School of Divinity

Mr. John Veasman
Newburgh, Indiana
President, Veasman & Associates


Dr. Gregory Fletcher
Boonville, Indiana
Family Practice Physician

Dr. Kurt Grady
Fairview Heights, Illinois

Mr. Al Lene
Newburgh, Indiana
U.S.N. Cdr. (Ret.)

Mr. Mark Sanders
President, Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Owensboro, Kentucky

Mr. David Zengler, J.D.
Newburgh, Indiana
Attorney at Law


Board of Advisors

Dr. Gary Haines, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Nationally Respected Evangelist and Vocal Recording Artist (Church of the Nazarene).

Dr. Dale Hansen, Phoenix, Arizona.  Author, Educator, Pastor, F.B.I. Chaplain and Counseling Instructor, Retired Colonel, U.S. Army Chaplain's Corp.

Dr. Paul Madtes, Jr., Mount Vernon, Ohio.  Scientist, Researcher, Biologist, Author, Educator, Chairman of the Department of Natural Science, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University.

Dr. Tom Neal,, Santa Ana, California. President, California Coast University.

Dr. Charles R. Page II, Humboldt, Tennessee.  World-renown archaeologist and author, former Director of the Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration.

Dr. Jeffrey W. Selby, Newburgh, Indiana.  Physician, Founder of The Lung Centre, President and Founder of Restoring Our Heritage.

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